The old-world look and feel is unmistakable. Cobblestones are as authentic to New England as the sailing ships that carried them as ballast across the Atlantic. With a wide array of shapes and colors, you’ll have no trouble putting your personal touch on the classic look of natural stone.

  • 5 shapes/sizes combine to form over 40 patterns 
  • Circle Pak allows you to integrate circles into your design 
  • Traditional Finish with pressed edges and dimpled surface 
  • Mix-n-Match Packaging - Choice of shape, size & color
Dimensions & Coverage
square6 5/16" x 6 5/16"2 3/8" thick3.62 pcs/sf104.42 sf/cube
grand square9 7/16" x 9 7/16"2 3/8" thick1.61 pcs/sf111.8 sf/cube
large rectangle6 5/16" x 9 7/16"2 3/8" thick2.42 pcs/sf111.57 sf/cube
medium rectangle4 3/4" x 6 5/16"2 3/8" thick4.84 pcs/sf91.12 sf/cube
small rectangle3 1/8" x 6 5/16"2 3/8" thick7.24 pcs/sf95.72 sf/cube
circle pak*-2 3/8" thick64 sf/pak64.32 sf/cube

*The circle pak creates circles from 32" to 108" in diameter.

Note: To avoid scuffing the surface when compacting into place, the pavers must be protected 
by a layer of sand, geotextile fabric or a urethane pad attached to the plate of the compactor.

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