Our Andover 5511 paver offers a traditional shape scaled to complement the trend for larger paving units. Available as a separate unit, Andover 5511 is offered in two finishes:


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  • Andover 5511 StoneCleft:  Clefted and sculpted surface
  • Andover 5511 Smooth: Traditional finish with minimal chamfered edges

Andover 5511 may also be utilized as a border course for our Andover Collection. 

Andover 5511 may be installed as a traditional interlocking concrete pavement or, with proper design and use of open-graded aggregates, a permeable pavement for a solution to stormwater runoff. Click here to view Andover 5511 Permeable.

Dimensions & Coverage
All Styles5 1/2" x 11"2 3/4" thick2.38 pcs/sf100.84 sf/cube

Embossed pavers are susceptible to scuffing and scratches during installation and snow removal. Protect the surface when transporting and use a urethane pad when compacting. Adjust the height of snow blowers and plows or use poly blade on plow edge.

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