Understanding "Green"

The installation method for our green friendly permeable pavers is similar to our regular pavers, with a few important differences. In the case of permeable pavers, it is best to use a base comprised of a graded, crushed stone for maximum water infiltration. The voids between the stones provide space to collect and store water for a short period, allowing it time to filter into the earth below. A 1 1⁄2” open-graded stone is preferred. If this I not available in your area, try for a 3/4” open-graded stone. Most quarries will have a stone close to either size.

Please refer to the documents below for detailed information on installing permeable pavement.

Eco-Stone®, The Beautiful Solution to Stormwater Runoff
Permeable interlocking concrete pavers are highly effective in providing infiltration, detention and treatment of stormwater.

Uni-Eco Group Eco-Stone Brochure
Eco-Stone® is a permeable interlocking concrete pavement system that mitigates stormwater runoff through infiltration.

Aqua-Bric Pedestrian Friendly Permeable Pavement - Information Sheet
Pavers by Ideal is pleased to introduce Aqua-Bric,® a pedestrian friendly, ADA compliant permeable interlocking concrete paver.

Turfstone Grid Pavers - Architectural Sheet
Turfstone concrete grid pavers offer “greenspace” pavement design with the structural performance of high-strength concrete.